take it back to the '80s with Ditto!

Ditto! is the infuriatingly addictive adaptation of the classic “Simon Says” memory game.

Simply copy the pattern and repeat – how far can you go?

Ditto! gives you all the fun of the original “Simon Says” game with all new graphics and sound. We grew up with “Simon Says” and wanted to give a new twist to the classic game we know and love!

Ditto! aims to be the ultimate “Simon Says” game!

A modern take on the classic “Simon Says” memory game

Beautiful graphics, optimized for phones and tablets

Choose from 4 HD graphics themes

4 sets of sound FX – from classic to 90s rave!

4 difficulty levels to suit all ages and skill levels

Compare with friends – who can get the highest score?

Get ready to reminisce and download Ditto! now.